We appreciate the complexity of the rules surrounding non-residents’ tax, much of which is based on your status and where you earn your income.

However, there are a number of factors that combine to influence your tax position and we are here to help! For example, you don’t generally pay CGT if you are a non UK resident but you might be expected to if you’ve lived in the UK previously.

We’ll get to grips with your unique situation, advise you according to the rules of the country you are working in and make sure you are totally compliant.

  • Advice on income, inheritance and capital gains tax
  • Advice on status – resident or domiciled
  • Double taxation treaties – we make sure you don’t pay twice!
“There was a lot to understand but the Mensis team was really patient and went through every aspect of my income to make sure I was paying the right amount in taxes but, more importantly, keeping the right amount I’d earned” R Johnson, Northampton