It’s all about the team

Your team is the driving force of your business and can be the make or break of its success. Having the right support around you as the business owner can make all the difference.

Our HR support is a family affair. Chris Sheppard has worked in HR for over 30 years and, together with her son, Ryan Sheppard-Hughes, can bring the knowledge, care and understanding that you need to nurture and empower your team.

Very experienced with family businesses, we know that relationships matter, and that people are your greatest asset. Your team is more than the people who work with you, they really do become family. And family needs nurturing.

Our support can be tailored to your needs whatever the size of your business, large or small, so that you can have the most positive outcomes. Whatever the need we are reliable and realistic with commercial experience and relevance so that our approach is nimble and spot on.

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People are complex but we cover many bases.

Colmers HR offer a range of services that cover multiple elements of HR. Whether it’s an outsourced function, training, profiling or choosing the right software to support your HR needs, we can help.

Outsourced HR

For many businesses employing a full time HR Expert isn’t viable and so the responsibility falls to the owner of the business. When things are working well this doesn’t cause too many problems, but when things go wrong this can create significant additional work as well as the risk of getting something wrong.  Our ethos is to take a preventative and proactive approach so that our outsourced HR service brings you peace of mind and access to impartial, expert advice when, and even before, you need it. 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Training

In a society that is changing, where the rights and preferences of every human being are becoming at the heart of our culture, we need to be ready as business owners to take responsibility for positively navigating this landscape.  We will enable you to take a proactive approach and to benefit from the myriad opportunities that this brings.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity is deep rooted in our values at Colmer’s HR.  Ryan’s experience within this sector allows for a tailored approach for a traditionally diverse subject.

DISC Profiling

DISC is a useful psychometric behavioural tool that can help to improve your awareness of, and relationship with, others in your business.  At Colmer’s HR we use DISC ourselves within our team and with our clients to improve communication, increase productivity, aid collaboration and generally create more effective working conditions.

We’ve all experienced difficulties with relationships at work, DISC however helps to navigate many key areas such as:

  • Recruitment
  • Management training
  • Dispute resolution

DISC is the cornerstone of what we deliver and how we work.  We recommend it highly as a means of developing respectful and close relationships that are based on deeper mutual understanding.

Light touch or something more substantial, we can deliver the right support for you.

We want the best possible outcomes for all.

The secret to good HR is building strong relationships with the people involved, based on mutual respect and trust. To achieve that you need a be a good listener and communicator, to be seen as impartial and reliable, whilst maintaining a sound commercial focus.

We are a family business.  We understand the real issues that can come from navigating work and family life.  Both are important and our own experience can bring real support for you now and for the long term.

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